Hello there. I'm a writer, musician, film maker, and coder from Finland. This is my official personal website.


Some of my films

My latest project PAGE ONE is still in production as of November 2018. See site for details.

Some Short Stories

Petting Rabbits Showcase site of Scottish writer Laura Hird (2004) & In Our Own Words, Vol. 6 (MW Enterprises, 2005) · Children Of Static Cezanne's Carrot 1/2006 · A Minimum Threshold of Coolness Linguaphobous Magazine 1/2008 · Marian the Faithful Rio Grande Review Spring 2009, Vol. 33 · Mission To Dreamland Included in the anthology Unlikely Stories of the Third Kind, 2010. Edited by Jonathan Penton, Donna Snyder, and Gabriel Ricard et. al. · Video Woman Verbicide Magazine & Black Heart Magazine 8/2010 · Outsoaring White Birds Verbal 3 Magazine (London Books) · Follow The Snow Ginosko Literary Journal #19 · Predation Verbal 5 Magazine · Lusterwear The Nabu Review (Paragon Press) · The Edge of Things Thrice Fiction · Satori Midnight Picnic


Game Development with Ren'Py (2019)
Apress / Springer Nature
ISBN 978-1-4842-4919-2

Mostly Codeless Game Development: New School Game Engines (2017)
Apress / Springer Nature
ISBN 978-1-4842-2969-9

Memorial by Robert Carpenter

New instrumental record of piano cover songs out in November of 2018.
Preview "Agfa Montage" originally from the One Hour Photo soundtrack

Superior Analog Hits! by Blackbella

Deluxe Edition on itch.io: $6.99 (doesn't require Neckbeards)

Steam DLC: $3.99 (requires Steam version of Neckbeards: Basement Arena)

This is a collection of the finest music featured in Soiree Games' offerings now remastered on glorious analog gear!

Preview "Middle Aged Man" (Stereo vinyl edit)


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